Sapphire in a Sea of Blood

Location, Location, Location

create austin locations

When it comes to specific places within a location, how-
ever — parks, houses, landmarks, stores, schools, natural features
— these are set pieces, or sets. Much like stage scenery, they
provide the background for Network members, characters, or
plot points. The troupe works together to create a pool of these
for the Storyteller (or the players) to pull from as needed. It also
gives the Storyteller an idea of what the interests of the players
are — a group who wants to play with science-run-amuck won’t
create a cavern full of mystic runes, and while a troupe who is
intrigued by mystic forces beyond our ken may do that and a
few more occult backgrounds besides, in addition to common
mundane buildings or places the characters know in common.

Choosing sets can also benefit from some time spent
on the computer or at your local library. Nearly every city
has urban legends about haunted houses, monsters and
unexplained phenomena. Even if the troupe is looking for a
mundane set, crime reports or newspaper articles online can
reveal which parts of a location would be likely to contain a
gang hangout or support a large addict population. It requires
almost no time to find cemeteries, libraries, Masonic temples,
historical landmarks, or other such likely sets.

Even if the troupe isn’t motivated to do that much
legwork, it can still build a set. The list should include only
the most basic information, in order to give other members
of the troupe to a chance to put their own spin on a set and
making initial creation simple. For example, a set consisting
of a haunted house last owned by the Bakers might be listed
as “Baker house, haunted” without getting into theories about
why the house might be haunted.

The number of sets selected by the troupe is completely
up those involved. A good rule of thumb is at least one set per
player, but feel free to flesh out the location with additional
sets as much as the troupe feels is necessary. The Story-
teller isn’t required to only use player-created sets during the
chronicle, either. People end up in the oddest of places; the
air of mystery around a new set can bring tension to a story.


  • Hunter Bar
  • Witchcraft
  • Strip clubs
  • Unholy Catholic Church
  • Caves
  • Lake Travis (water demon)
  • Stillhouse Hollow (buried town at bottom of lake)
  • Greenbelt (fae)
  • Burned out Factory
  • Homeless disappearances
  • UT Clocktower (shooting)
  • Violence causing Brewery
  • Rapist with no memory of act
  • Cabin in the woods
Location, Location, Location
  • Luby’s Massacre
  • Waco
Location, Location, Location
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