Sapphire in a Sea of Blood


off week agenda)

how the pack met

Begin building the Network by pairing off players. If the troupe consists of an odd number, the extra player could use that time to discuss his character with the Storyteller or just listen to rest of the troupe and offering suggestions. Each pair of players should look at their characters and talk about how they came to know each other. In some cases this can be as simple as the characters were introduced to each other by a third party, or met at work, school, church, etc.

Consider the World of Darkness setting as another possibility for meeting. Maybe the characters first ran into each other as a part of a support group for that new virus that’s going around that causes brain swelling and somehow results in people speaking in binary. It’s always possible the characters bonded after both bore witness to an angelic visitation. Regardless of how the characters met, a shared background of some sort builds a foundation on which the chronicle can begin.

Continue swapping player pairs until every character has interacted with at least two other characters at some point in the past. The end result of this exercise should be a troupe with at least some shared experiences, rather than just a group of people that got thrown together by happenstance.

GM would like it if this wasn’t a pack all met at the exact same time at some ceremony or something

how the pack met the other packs


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