Damien Rhodes

All around brawler and cult survivor


How old are you? 26


How old are you? 26

Who is your best friend?
Damien’s best friend is a contractor he met at a bar. Until recently, he would have said his best friend is his wife, Marcy, though their recent miscarriage has strained the relationship.

Tell me about your family? parents? siblings? how often do you communicate? where do they live?
Both parents and older sister died at Waco in the raid on the Koresh cult. Damien is not fully aware of the events that transpired there, since he was only 6. He is aware that his family died, but is unaware that his parents forced him t take part in the ritual sacrifice of his older sister. He grew up in various foster homes, until he turned 18 and joined the Army. After a dishonorable discharge, he took a job as a firefighter in Austin, Tx, two years ago.

Are you religious? what’s your theism? if not, why?
Damien is distrustful of religion, because he notices the extremes to which religious people are driven. He considers himself an agnostic, but hopes that there is no God, not really.

do you have any disturbing secrets?
While at war, he saw some very disturbing things. Beyond the murder of Iraqi children and the rape of women, he saw some very dark and evil things he has yet to come to grips with.

what do you do in your spare time?
When not at the firehouse, Damien works out and practices his marksmanship. Marcy wishes that he would spend more time with her, but he often chooses to head to the local watering hole to end his off-days.

where do you work? what’s your income? and if it’s over minimum wage what bills keep you from having dots in resources?
Damien is a firefighter. While some of his co-workers loot burning buildings, he does not participate in that kind of behavior. However, while he does not agree with his comrades’ actions, he does not report them. Damien is con tent with the salary he draws from honest work.

what is the worst thing you’ve done?
Took part in the murder/ritual sacrifice of his sister

what is the worst thing you can imagine your character doing?
If Damien ever finds a cult leader, especially Koresh (if he survived), he will make that man die VERY slowly, and beg for mercy before he is allowed to expire.

what is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to your character?
Damien is only beginning to be aware of the extent of his involvement in his sister’s death. He is aware that his parents were involved in a Satanic cult, but is putting the pieces together, slowly, in therapy.

what supernatural event has your character forgotten?
Koresh was successful in summoning a demon, just before the ATF shut him down. Damien is, as yet, unaware, that he witnessed the demon’s arrival into our world.

Damien Rhodes

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