Gus Scholtz

5'11 220 lbs buzzed head, broad shouldered


Gus Scholtz is 5’11 220 pounds, he has a buzzed head, brown eyes, and is very muscled.


Gus was born and raised in Tiulia, Texas. His family was very poor, and as a way to help make ends meet, he started breaking into homes and stealing. At 18 he was arrested for breaking and entering and burgulary, he was sentenced to a year in prison.
While in prison during a normal day, a loner prisoner who everyone tended to avoid began chanting out load in the common area. Gus does not remember much of what happened next except that everything went red. The riot that ensued lasted 2 days and over 20 people were killed. Occasionally Gus remembers bits of what happened, but hes not sure if he killed anyone or not.
Once he was released from prison he was invited to work at his sisters ranch after she married Duke. Gus learned a lot about construction and welding, and after a few years working on the ranch moved to Austin to try and start his own business, once there he could not secure a bank loan due to his felony. Since then he has been an independent contractor working for several building projects around town.

Gus Scholtz

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