Samantha Grey

Willow. The Lesbian One. But not actually Willow.


Asps:Communicate with Spirits, Run in the woods some, Do some shit, Do some rituals.
Virts: Patience
Vices: Magpie

Willow. Except the lesbian part. Just. Willow.


How old are you? Old enough, but too young to care. 25/26ish
Who are your friends? The people that shop in the natural ass plant/occult shop. Coworkers. Buffy. Always Buffy.
Tell me about your family? parents? siblings? how often do you communicate? where do they live? Family. Family lived in a concrete jungle, but Sam always liked nature and felt more at home there. Parents are natural hippy people, and they moved to more natural austin and shit. Communicate often. Parents own the occult shop thing dealie jigger. They live in austin too. All natural and hippy and shit. Hippy. And shit.
Are you religious? what’s your theism? if not, why? Pagan probably. Wiccan and shit. Natural and plants and hippy shit.
do you have any disturbing secrets? She uses a ton of natural shit on her skin at night to keep herself acne free. Is that disturbing enough?
what do you do in your spare time? Volunteer at dog shelters.
where do you work? what’s your income? and if it’s over minimum wage what bills keep you from having dots in resources? Works at the occult shop. Probably minimum wage? If not, low manager salary. Spends money on weed and plants and shit. stuff.
what is the worst thing you’ve done? Probably stole some money for shit. Or something. Shit I don’t know.
what is the worst thing you can imagine your character doing? eating a child. Babies are mad tasty, yo.
what is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to your character?
what supernatural event has your character forgotten? wandered in the woods when a child, and happened upon a great faerie coming out of the fae land nature shit. The fae was all BLARGHABLARGH and scared the poop out of notWillow. Who was then saved by a wandering werewolf. Yeah. That sounds good.

Samantha Grey

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