Sapphire in a Sea of Blood

  • Get players back to their car
  • deal with any resulting conversation
  • run through players first change
  • run players through meeting other local werewolves
  • Including each other
  • run through the new pack ceremony
  • deal with chatting up pack alphas

Miguel Gueterez- Lopez

  • attempting to engage Park ranger

Liam Clancy

  • being a drunk
  • attempting to engage bartender

Samantha Grey

PC Questionaire
character backgrounds

Firstly, fill out aspirations, and virtues and vices. This will help me ensure that I’m planning plot that will allow you to make use of these.

This is from your characters perspective, since all characters changed in the last month, please consider this should all apply to pre change, as you are dealing with the change now. This information can be put in “biography”

  1. How old are you?
  2. Who are your friends?
  3. Tell me about your family? parents? siblings? how often do you communicate? where do they live?
  4. Are you religious? what’s your theism? if not, why?
  5. do you have any disturbing secrets?
  6. what do you do in your spare time?
  7. where do you work? what’s your income? and if it’s over minimum wage what bills keep you from having dots in resources?
  8. what is the worst thing you’ve done?
  9. what is the worst thing you can imagine your character doing?
  10. what is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to your character?
  11. what supernatural event has your character forgotten?

Also please give a physical description of your character in “description”


tell players about minor tweaks to the The Lady in the Blue Dress regarding location, and email server.

tell players how they got in the The Cube in the first place.

ask about “realism in timeline”

general wrongness

  • bar scene
  • lack of planning
  • general reckless behavior,
Foot Chase

we did this one wrong, corebook p65 gives the full roll, which includes speed bonuses and other things


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