Miguel Gueterez- Lopez

7 foot tall Mexican bad ass


Vice- Lust

Fight in a challenge and win in human form
Learn to drive
get a job that doesnt involve fighting


Concept: giant mexican prize fighter who lets his fists do the talking. Miguel likes to fight, but wants to begin learning and trying new things, his life has been full of violence and he wants to try a differant path.

-Miguel feels that Liam is his best friend
-Miguel was raised by his grand mother in Juarez, Mexico, his family dealt in drug trafficing which is why most of his family is dead.
-Miguel works at the moontower as a bouncer, and part time at the local gym teaching kick boxing.
-The worst thing Miguel has done in his opinion was watch old friends die because of the drugs that he was helping to deal.
-Miguel is afraid of confinement in small places, spiders, and his grand mother.
-Miguel is catholic but only when is grand mother is around.
-Miguel used to be a torturer for the Juarez drug cartel.
-Miguel was traumatized by seeing his childhood friend run down by a car when he was 7
-Miguels Grandmother called upon spirits to curse local thugs who angered her

Miguel Gueterez- Lopez

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