Tag: story


  • Reunion

    The pack was seperated from [[:alexander-tyrell | Alexander Tyrell]] after he was moved to [[The Cube | The Cube]], this story details how they got back together it includes an attack by [[:chupe | Chupe]] and his pack, which were defeated, but still …

  • Police investigation

    Evidence * 3 sets of blood foot prints, mostly unclear * one set matches those found at the murder of [[:jessica-patterson | Jessica Patterson]] * speculation that [[:dale-duke-patterson | Dale "Duke" Patterson]] was in both places * strange …

  • Second Children

    Story about the 2nd children including [[:lily | Lily]] * Begin with "Masks off" on Halloween night all the supernatural "beasts" are visible for what they truly are

  • Errand Boys

    Deliver a letter to [[:moira-thompson | Moira Thompson]] prior to a council vote. * Council meeting takes place at 7pm * Vote will take place at 7:30pm but this is not scheduled, the character will not know the vote.